Health Futures is an Australian owned and accredited workplace health management specialist, delivering corporate health solutions Australia wide.


"I said it last year and I will say it again... This program CHANGED my life! I can not tell you how close I was to a serious medical condition but Health Futures detected the risk and sent me to my GP. I am sitting here at work today because I was able to get the treatment I needed from my GP." Macquarie
"Excellent. Love the website with the personal login and results." Australian Customs
"Excellent program. The historical aspect of the program is brilliant. Love the fact we can access so much health information on line." SEWPAC
"Everyone should take part in this program, it must save many lives. I am much better off from doing it." Land and Property Services
"This was my first time participating, and I am SO glad I did. Absolutely brilliant! Thank you TAMS, I look forward to annual comparisons." Territory and Municipal Services
"I love it and talk all organisations I work for into having it!" Dimension Data
"Very valuable and well targeted towards my specific needs and current health situation. All staff were friendly and professional, and made me feel very comfortable." Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations
"I think the Department has been well served by engaging Health Futures to run the program." Department of Veterans' Affairs
"An excellent and very professional service that I am really glad I took advantage of" Department of Finance and Deregulation
"Very well run. Great information. Possibly a lifesaver. My cholesterol was 10 and I have since changed my diet and exercise habits. Without the program I wouldn't have had a clue that my cholesterol was that high" Department of Immigration and Citizenship
"This is more thorough than a visit to my GP, and all provided at the workplace. Just fantastic, I look forward to the next one." AMSA
"Highly informative - well structured." BHP
"Fantastic health program, the best I have ever been a part of." Department of Defence
"The program is excellent. The online and written reports are first class." High Court of Australia
"This program is brilliant. Every Dept should do the appraisal. In fact, every company should be hiring Health Futures for all of their employees." Comcare
"Absolutely fantastic I have been looking for this type of holistic assessment and advice for a couple of years now." Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism

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Health Assessment Programs

Signature Health Program

Over 16 years we have taken key elements from workplace health strategies and consolidated them into one brilliant program: The Signature Program is unique in that it is an entire workplace health strategy packaged on your behalf. So comprehensive in it’s nature, it is unnecessary to supplement it with additional elements.

Executive Health Assessments

High level medical involving doctors and specialists designed to incorporate all health and lifestyle risk factors.

Employee Health Assessments

Multiple pre-packaged and customised solutions for your workplace. All are delivered 100% onsite by our specialised team.

E-Health (Online)

Interactive online health resources including health planners, results portals, books, articles, recipes and more. In total more than 4000 pages of searchable information. A one-off fee for lifetime access.

Organisational Health Audit

A report is provided annually after health assessments are conducted to gauge the health of your team. With ongoing programs, we can measure the impact and the improvement in the health of your team.

Life-Balance Fitness

An onsite fitness program involving a pre and post program assessment. Every week is themed, offering participants health resources in addition to physical training. All levels and abilities are catered for.


Onsite Influenza Vaccination services that include total program management by our purpose built software. Participants receive a free subscription to our quarterly health newsletter throughout the year.